Packaging innovations, ‘Save Food’ solutions


Packaging systems play a key role in preventing food loss. What is more, packaging research and innovation is committed to avoiding food loss and facilitating waste reduction. Major efforts are being made to develop new packaging technologies that contribute to saving food. Examples include active packaging to extend the shelf-life of products, and smart packaging solutions to provide valuable information to users and consumers about current product spoilage.

It should be underlined that all the innovative options for reducing food losses always need to be cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and accepted by end customers. These three factors are essential to ensure solutions end up on the market.

To achieve this aim, the food industry, and the retail and packaging manufacturer sectors have to be brought together to study what can be implemented and thus continue to move forward. The “Save Food” initiative works by connecting all the different stakeholders in the supply chain.

The ITENE research centre contributes to this exciting objective by presenting all the advances achieved in the research and development of different packaging technologies, and offering its expertise in the generation of business opportunities and social benefits through innovative packaging solutions.

It is also a great pleasure for us to be part of the “Save Food” initiative and to showcase all these results in the Innovation Parc area of the INTERPACK Fair. All visitors are invited to our stand (Hall FG-SOUTH / IPP26) and to attend all the activities, conferences and workshops being held.

Javier Zabaleta

Managing Director ITENE


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