Packaging’s ability to “premiumise”

As we get closer to our landmark issue number 250, a respectable figure that gives an idea of our long trajectory dedicated to the packaging industry, this May issue includes a dossier on the market centred on pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging and on existing packaging technology that increases the safety and quality of the products.


Both sectors, that in terms of image obviously have different needs, have several points in common: integration between efficient production and the efficacy of the packaging; the user’s experience, which should be faultless both in the case of medication in a blister and a tub of moisturising cream, to cite just two examples; or the fight against falsifications, an authentic scourge that costs pharmaceutical laboratories and beauty product manufacturers millions every year. And we could offer even more examples. Be as it may, the care that the pharmaceutical and the cosmetics sectors take over packaging frequently lifts their products into the Premium category, which we can understand as generating greater value in quality, safety and image, something that benefits the patients and/or the final consumers. For this reason, R&D is not simply important in these industries, it is essential for their progress.

This issue includes several articles along these lines, related to luxury and the “premiumisation” ability of packs and packaging, and this is not only true in cosmetics, it can be seen with ever greater frequency in gourmet foods and in drinks, especially in spirits, liqueurs, aperitifs and, of course, wines and sparkling wines.


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