Packaging’s ability to “premiumise”

As we get closer to our landmark issue number 250, a respectable figure that gives an idea of our long trajectory dedicated to the packaging industry, this May issue includes a dossier on the market centred on pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging and on existing packaging technology that increases the safety and quality of the products.Sigue leyendo «Packaging’s ability to “premiumise”»

Skincare goes BIY and packaging is here to help

Mixing facial treatments is an age-old tradition. Preparing your ingredients before applying them to your face turns skincare into a ritual. One that brings a feeling of wellbeing, of spending some precious ‘me-time’. Whether blending your favourite colours or combining different products, this active involvement in the practice of skincare is trending – and packagingSigue leyendo «Skincare goes BIY and packaging is here to help»