Packaging: un valor añadido en las estrategias de marketing

“La primera impresión es la que cuenta”. Al igual que nos ocurre con las personas, con los productos sucede lo mismo. Y es que el packaging (el término que utilizamos para referirnos a envases, envoltorios, embalajes y etiquetas) es determinante a la hora de vender un producto. Artículo de opinión de Ángeles Montecelo publicado enSigue leyendo «Packaging: un valor añadido en las estrategias de marketing»

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Packaging that incites ecological and sustainable consumption

Our client NaturGreen is studying the launch of a new line of ecological products -edible salts and seeds- with a renewed image, to transmit the values of the natural, sustainable lifestyle associated with their healthy ecological products. Raul Cremades The first step was to convince the quality and marketing departments of the benefits of polymersSigue leyendo «Packaging that incites ecological and sustainable consumption»

#interpack2014, a window on packaging innovation

Every time a new Interpack fair comes around, I know some things are certain to happen. For example, I know that the most important packaging trade fair will live up to expectations, and that many new features will astound us with their technical brilliance, bright and attractive finishes, and environmental benefits. Walking through the hallsSigue leyendo «#interpack2014, a window on packaging innovation»