“Packaging and sustainability are at the heart of the Circular Economy model”

Interview with Albert Ros, Supply Chain Director, Mars Iberia in http://www.infopack.es/revista/245/#page/24

Soluciones reales de cómo está cambiando el sector del embalaje

El packaging ha dejado de ser una industria productora de simples contenedores de productos para convertirse en una creadora de elementos estratégicos de comunicación, esenciales en la decisión de compra del usuario. Este cambio de paradigma ha transformado completamente esta industria transversal presente en la práctica totalidad de actividades económicas. El packaging es ahora unaSigue leyendo «Soluciones reales de cómo está cambiando el sector del embalaje»

Skincare goes BIY and packaging is here to help

Mixing facial treatments is an age-old tradition. Preparing your ingredients before applying them to your face turns skincare into a ritual. One that brings a feeling of wellbeing, of spending some precious ‘me-time’. Whether blending your favourite colours or combining different products, this active involvement in the practice of skincare is trending – and packagingSigue leyendo «Skincare goes BIY and packaging is here to help»

Packaging that incites ecological and sustainable consumption

Our client NaturGreen is studying the launch of a new line of ecological products -edible salts and seeds- with a renewed image, to transmit the values of the natural, sustainable lifestyle associated with their healthy ecological products. Raul Cremades The first step was to convince the quality and marketing departments of the benefits of polymersSigue leyendo «Packaging that incites ecological and sustainable consumption»